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12,000 shelf spaces & 30,000 pallet spaces in our block and high-shelf storage warehouse

The fully heated storage areas have modern high-shelf warehouses and a modern sprinkler system. The entire site is monitored by CCTV. A modern IT system with individual APIs is used for administration.

Four separate storage facilities for rolls, small parts and pallets

This allows us to store a wide variety of product types and product groups, from different raw materials to various products for fulfilment.

Logistik outsourcing an Dienstleister

Over 80 lorries a day

We have 11 ramps and 4 areas for side loading and unloading. The handling of bales, rolls and pallets as well as the tracking and tracing of loading and unloading via video tracking is also available.

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Our value-added services

In addition to storage, we offer a range of individual services to ensure your goods are optimally and efficiently handled in our warehouse.
We are happy to consult with you individually on our additional services and develop a concept that is tailored to your needs.

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