B2B Fulfillment

Value added services

For us, high-performance warehouse logistics means offering our customers not only storage but also additional services such as customs clearance, labelling, quality control, consolidation, sample management, as well as packing and repacking. Receiving relevant services relating to storage from a single provider means you can expect accuracy and precision. We would be happy to give you individual and comprehensive advice and to develop a concept that is tailored to your needs to ensure your goods are optimally and efficiently handled in our warehouse.

Warehousing information

Customs clearance

As an authorised customs warehouse, an authorised economic operator (AEO) and an authorised consignee, we meet all the requirements for smooth customs clearance processes. These include export and import procedures as well as other procedures, depending on the customer’s wishes.


Labelling goods includes labelling all types of packages. It goes without saying that it is always possible to adapt to individual customer requirements.

Quality control

The typical inspection of incoming goods includes a check of freight documents, a type and quantity check, as well as a visual check for any defects and transport damage. We also offer customer-specific product tests, such as humidity readings, reference sample tests or testing for customer-specific attributes.


A short-term consolidation of product groups, pallets and individual products from different deliveries is possible at any time. Assembling displays or a custom store delivery can also be mapped.

Sample management

Our sample management offers samples as well as sample-specific measurements such as dimensions, colours, printed image control. We also offer sample archiving and documentation, monitoring of audits and interface management to suppliers.

Packing and repacking

We take care of packing your products – whether it be loose goods in cartons, on pallets or via display construction. Upon request, we can also develop individual packaging concepts and branded packaging and can have them produced in our partner network.