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E-commerce fulfilment

Modular combinable fulfilment tailored to your individual needs

Whether shipping to end customers, corporate customers or processing marketplace orders, you can expect the best from us!

For us, your brand and its optimal placement in the online trade is the main focus. Our solutions and service levels are completely tailored to your needs and your customers. Not only do we ship your goods, but we also support you in advising and designing comprehensive logistics solutions in the e-commerce sector. In this context, we take on – if requested – all processes that are necessary for handling your business in fulfilment and warehouse logistics.

Our services


  • Temperature-controlled multi-story systems with over 12,000 shelf spaces and 30,000 pallet spaces
  • Security-monitored facilities
  • Individual storage strategies according to product group and order structure
  • Live inventory tracking


  • Customised picking strategies for each product group and order structure
  • Digitally guided picking process using barcodes
  • Individual service levels


  • Individual packing including possible package inserts
  • Purchasing and procurement of packing materials
  • Modern packing machines are available


  • Multi-carrier connections
  • Daily late pick-ups by DHL, DPD, UPS and GLS
  • Shipment by lorry/sprinter van
  • Weekend shipping


  • Individual checks on goods and processing/repacking
  • Fast re-availability with shipping from the return process
  • Packing and return shipping
  • API-based processes


1. Connectivity

Individually tailored APIs and interfaces to many well-known ERP and shop systems ensure efficient processes in meeting your specific requirements.

2. Delivery

From the moment the goods are delivered, we take care of all further steps such as goods inspection, labelling and storage. This is complemented by our value-added services.

Product Kitting & Bundling

3. Shipping

Individual or standardised packing concepts to offer the end customer a perfect shopping experience with a „wow factor“ when unpacking.


Shipping & logistics

PIM & Multichannel